Minecraft for Windows 10 and PE cross-platform!

Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Cross-Platform

Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Cross-Platform

I know many of you wish they could play Minecraft using your phone while your friend is playing on the pc right? I know I have, I mean I only have one PC and each of my friend and family members that like to play Minecraft have their own phone or tablet, and if we all could play together that would be great. Well with the new update for Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Edition, that will be finally possible, cross-platform between PC, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. 

Among new updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition is the hunger bar at the top of the page, ability to run, new weather effects, new blocks, mobs, nether up to 23X23 blocks and of course the cross-platform, for full details you can check here. One only thing about cross-platform is that it will only support 5 player in the same LAN for now, that still pretty good considering that at least on my end most of my friends/family that want to play can share my LAN connection. I read in some article that many Minecraft fans were not happy due to the new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition was based on C++ and not JAVA, which for many modders it was going to be a lot difficult to make mods under C++ compared to JAVA. If this is going to be a challenge, I think many of us fans will not like to lose access to our favorite mods, since for forge to work you need JAVA SDK.

We will have to see what this new update brings for gamers, and see if future updates allow modders to keep or update the current mods, it took me a whole day to get my PC to work with Pixelmon and if using MC Win 10 Edition makes me delete it, I don’t think I will be very happy. I know the game still on Beta edition so I’m sure many updates more will be coming to make the new Minecraft game as good or even better than the Java  version, I mean thanks to C++ we may get a full version of the Holo-Lense Minecraft, so I think it will be worth the change. What do you think about this new update? Have you tested the cross-platform? If you have a mojang account you can get a free copy now. Like always leave a comment below.



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