Pokemon Go!!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go? Yes please! Well if you were anticipating a new Pokemon game, here it is, Pokemon Go. Since I saw the Pokemon video from that year when Google added Pokemon on maps that April Fool’s day I was excited and hoping to see a game similar to that in the near future. Well today there has been an announcement, The Pokemon Company is working along with Niantic Labs, (you may have heard of them from the Ingress) to develop a somewhat similar game in which you will be bale to capture Pokemon in your city!

The game works like the Ingress game, you have to walk around the city or the location you are on in order to discover new Pokemon and capture them. The capture device will be similar to a pedometer in a shape of a map pointer and looks like a Pokeball. From the video it shows that you will be using digital Pokeball in order to capture them, it looks more like a VR game, I really have never played Ingress so I’m not sure how great of a game play will be, but the video looks really cool. This is the kind of game that I have been waiting for, but it wont be available until 2016 free to download on iOS and Android but with in-app purchase options. I’m sure old Pokemon fans are really excited, or what do you think? Watch the video and leave a comment below.



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