Forza 6!

Forza 6

Forza 6

Are you a car driving game simulator fan? Which is your preference, Forza or Gran Turismo? Whichever game is you favorite I’m sure you enjoy every second of it. For those Forza fans there will be a new title coming up, Forza 6, yes this was announced at E3, I just took my time to write about it, sometimes when you wait, more information comes out and well it makes a blog better.

I have played Forza games since Forza 3, and I have liked it much better than Gran Turismo games, but that is just my preference, even though both games are similar, but of course with their own differences. Forza 6 which will be released in 6 days, will have about 450 cars to collect from, 26 famous world race tracks, also will include new Forzavista details as far as working cockpit, gauges and very detail finish in the inside and outside of the vehicle. Many people like real life simulator games and this one fits that category, compared to GT, i like Forza games because the mechanics are not super realistic like GT but is enough to keep the game interesting. I’m currently still playing GT6 which is fun but I cant wait for Forza 6 to come out. Want to try it out, before it comes out? Well play the demo it has been out on Xbox One.



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