Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 (spoiler review)

Fear The Walking Dead!

Fear The Walking Dead!

Another week has passed and with it my weekend ended with the newest episode of Fear The Walking Dead. The second episode of the season and unlike the first one this episode was better than the first one. Last episode it ended with news showing the first zombie killing and how the virus started to spread and how the schools were released early due to fear of looting, chaos and the first zombie encounter by the main characters.

On this 2nd episode things got much better, while on the news nothing is been said about the virus, some people are starting to see the rise of the dead throughout the city, and to our main characters it has hit them hard. Even thought there have been several “killings” of zombies, some people just don’t understand it and don’t want to believe what they have seen. I think if this was to happen now days for real, no one would wait and they would all leave the city, I’m sure after several Walking Dead Seasons we are all well trained right? I’m sure we would still see a few people still not believing what they see.

Back to the episode, so Alicia’s looking for her boyfriend after not showing up on their date the day before, Alicia‘s dad noticed after she went to look for him and when they found him he had a big wound on his shoulder, obviously he is now infected, perhaps a bite? Then Madison‘s friend, the school principal, turns into a zombie, not sure how but we can see a wound on his back, perhaps a zombie student? or maybe a random attack by a normal student? The worst part for Madison was killing her friend, she went looking for medicine for her son and in the process she ended killing her friend, well not so much killing him since he was a zombie. After this Travis’ son Chris gets caught in the middle of the beginning of a riot that will shake the whole city of L.A. This part is where things get interesting, the whole city is mad for the shooting of “innocent” people, not knowing they were zombies. Besides the panic, riots and first zombie killings, the episode was pretty good, it ended with our main characters stuck in a barber shop escaping the looting and rioting from the citizens. What I didn’t like was the short time zombie showing and survival, but then again is the 2nd episode, I need to be patient, and even more patient to wait 2 weeks for the 3rd episode, not sure why is not going to be shown next week, but well have to wait longer now. Did you like the episode?


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