Lara Croft Go!

Lara Croft Go!

Lara Croft Go!

The newest Square Enix game,Lara Croft Go seems to be a really good puzzle game! The game is similar to the Hitman Go (iOS, Android) game but this is much better due to the great graphics and environment that the player is on. The games is a puzzle kind of game with kind of a turn based system, not fully turn based but depending on the enemy you have, when you take one step the enemy may take one as well. You have to clear/pass areas in order to move on of course to the next area.

In the game you don’t have to always kill the animals you can use them as decoys or use them to trigger either switched to allow you to move on or trigger traps to kill them and have a clear path. As stated above, the game is a puzzle, is not a normal Lara Croft Tomb Raider game, it has the feel of it but the main point of the game is puzzles, interact with switches, artifacts, weapons, and the environment. The game does look pretty cool, the graphics look great and it brings back memories from older Tomb Raider games. Try it out is out on iOS, Android and Windows phones.



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