GOG Galaxy Lets you “rollback” updates


GOG Galaxy

Have you ever wished that all games were like PC’s and that after an update is done you could go back to the previous version because the new update made the game worse? Well you can now do that only if you get the game from GOG Galaxy. GOG is another distribution service for PC games like Steam, and like Steam, GOG supports OS and Linux titles, which is great for all those players that don’t have a windows PC.

If you have not heard from GOG, let me tell you that they have a good library of games, including big companies like Activision, Deep Silver, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft and others, which means great games for all players from all kinds of genres and flavors. On the most recent client update GOG made it possible for gamers to be able to “roll back” to a previous verison of the just updated game. Lets say you have The Witcher 3 and you just updated to the newest and better version/patch which supposed to fix a small issue, and then you see that after updating the game now is worse, now you cant do one thing you were able to do before, well just use the “roll back” feature and you are fixed! Now you can enjoy the game as it was. This may not be news for other players because some of us save the game prior to updates in case bad things happen with updates.



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