Fear The Walking Dead (spoiler review)

Fear The Walking Dead!

Fear The Walking Dead!

So last night aired the so much awaited first episode from Fear The Walking Dead, and well it was an hour and half long episode of, how can I say this, not sure how to describe it but the episode was ok, not the best but it could be that since this is the first episode they have to set the mood or at least give us some background on who the people are and whats their main purpose on the show. (Spoiler below)

The episode started with some action, zombie girl eating some friend but after that I feel like it slowed down, I know is the first episode and it has to explain, I guess I’m so used to the normal Walking Dead that I’m expecting full zombie action on the whole episode, or at least 75% of it. Most of the action started about 20 before the end, where they show the news video on which they show the 2nd zombie from the episode going at the paramedic and then at the cops, and how they tried to stop it unloading their guns at him until finally boom head shot. Then we see panic start to spread, school dismissed early, and then we see Madison Clark the high school counselor glance at the school boy that earlier had warned her about the virus spreading but or course she didn’t believe him.

Knowing the backstory of a character is good, but honestly focusing almost the whole episode on Nick Clark played by Frank Dillance who played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince, yup Lord Voldemort! Well he is a drug addict that saw the first zombie attack and of course since he is druggie well no one believes him. Then his step dad goes and sees the church were he saw the attack and sees the blood in the ground and guts but of course he is not sure what is really happening, and like all shows and movies, no one believes anyone until hell breaks lose. Looks like next episode will have more action and I really hope it does, doesnt mean I will stop watching the show but a bit more zombie action will be great. Did you watch the episode? What you think about it?


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