Nintendo 2Ds price drop!

Nintendo 2Ds Price drop and Mario Kart 7 included

Nintendo 2Ds Price drop and Mario Kart 7 included

If you were waiting for the right time to get you a Nintendo 2Ds then this is the time, well not until August 30th. The Nintendo 2Ds will drop the price to $99 from $129, I think the price drop will be good, I mean with those $30 you can get yourself two things, either a Nintendo card to get several classic games from the Nintendo Shop or get a decent game title on an actual cartridge. The 2Ds is a good handheld  system, I personally have one and I enjoy playing on it when my 3DS XL battery dies, since the 2Ds can hold the charge a bit longer than the 3Ds since there is no 3Ds option for games. Another perk for getting this deal is that the game will come with the digital form of Mario Kart 7! Is a great deal to have a cheap 2Ds and a game included, trust me GameStop sells the Mario Kart 7 used for about $30, so if you were to get the 2Ds now in the U.S you would pay $129 plus the Mario Kart game another $29.99, that’s about $173 with taxes! So what you waiting for, start saving money and get yourself a 2Ds if you dont have one yet, is worth it, you can play all the 3Ds catalog, well except for those made for New 3Ds. What do you think?



One thought on “Nintendo 2Ds price drop!

  1. I’m glad to see the price come down, I think $99 is the perfect price for a 2DS. I got a 2DS last holiday, and I’d just point out that it came bundled with Mario Kart 7 then as well. I’m glad they’re still continuing to include it, even at the $99 price point because it’s a great starter game for the system.

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