Ark: Survival of the fittest mod!

Ark Evolved: Survival of the Fittest

Ark Evolved: Survival of the Fittest

After 2 months Ark a game by Studio Wildcard has released a dev kit for all those modders ready to tweak with the game and put their own touch to it. If you don’t know what Ark: Evolved is about then let me explain a bit about this game. The game is a survival crafting game, yes crafting like many other games that already introduced that part to their games. In this game you survive in the dinosaur era, there are crystal things that fall from the sky that can be unlocked only if your character is at the level required to open it, each crystal has its own color code meaning each color represents a certain level you need to be in order to unlock/open it.

With in the game you can craft weapons, armor, construction material such as walls, irrigation systems for your plants, mounts and the best thing for most players, you can tame dinosaurs and either make them your pets or partners in crime. The game is pretty cool, you can create your own character, literally create it, shaping almost every part of your characters body. What I find a bit annoying but not that bad is the  multiplayer part, the game can only be played on a multiplayer server which is shared among other players, which some can be friendly and others can be just bad guys trying to kill you and get all your stuff, which I guess that’s the point of a survival game, but in my opinion it should be like Minecraft, which can be played on your pc and if you are ready for a bigger challenge then join a server and play with other people.

I got off the subject, reading the Polygon article it stated about the addition of Ark Evolved: Survival of the Fittest, which in other words is more like a Hunger Games movie, you will be set in the middle of a huge crystal from what i can see on the video, you will collect materials and fight til dead among other survivors. In the video you can see dinos, not sure how will it work to tame them since in the real game it takes some time, maybe in one of the boxes you will find a mount and it will tame the dino immediately? will have to see. The mod is now available in Steam Workshop so get it and let us know what you think, also remember, the game still on Early Release, meaning the game may have glitches and other stuff not fully working, so be patience.



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