Rockstar bans GTA 5 player that use cheats or mods!

GTA 5 Online Ban to Cheats and Mods

GTA 5 Online Ban to Cheats and Mods

So I was reading this article from VentureBeat about how they are banning players that play online on the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 and that use cheats and or mods that gives them advantage over other players that do not have these mods or cheats.The reason for the ban is because on the multiplayer online mode users actually pay with real money to get stuff as stated below from the article.

These bans are an important moderation tool for Rockstar and the economy of GTA: Online. Unlike the single-player GTA V campaign, players can spend real-world currency to get money in the multiplayer mode. This gives GTA bucks a sort of real value, and someone filling up their bank account with millions of dollars can deflate the worth of certain items that should take a lot longer to purchase.

I mean it makes sense they do it for those that actually spend money on the game, but I think they should have a free multiplayer mode in which no real money is needed. I mean the main point of modding to me is to change the game and look either better or different. I have seen mods that make the game look more HD, others that add new outfits, new vehicles, weapons and even look different like the picture above in which the main character us a monkey, and is not just for this game but for many other games.

What do you think? Even though the ban is only for 10 days I think they should allow modding, at least cosmetic mods, at least that’s what I think, maybe that’s what brings revenue from this game? But as far as cheaters then I think is a good way to keep them on check but 10 days wont do anything to them, but who knows. Hope this helps some of us, and as always leave a comment below!



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