The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

So here it’s another game for The Walking Dead, this times it seems Daryl Dixon will be the sort of main character on this game. This will be the, maybe 5th game that has The Walking Dead on it? I think. But any zombie game is always welcomed, at least for me.

This new game titled The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, is the Official game from AMC of The Walking Dead developed by NEXT GAMES, which takes place in the walking dead universe, in which a group of people are trained by Daryl Dixon in order to survive and save other survivors from Terminus and the Prison. You will make a group of survivors and keep them alive, not sure if you will be able to pick different characters when venturing out on missions but from the video I can tell that it may be possible, also it will be something similar to turn-base games. You can see below each character a circle below them and don’t seem to get any closer to each other, like as soon as circles touch that’s as far as each zombie and character can get.

The game-play from the video looks ok, It will not be release until October 2015 and it seems it will only be released on iOS so Apple people enjoy 😦 , I guess around the Season 6 launch date? Wait is it Season 6 or 5 and half? I lost count, I can’t believe I lost count on my favorite show! Anyways, the game will be something similar to a based games, protect survivors and each survivor may have something to do to help the group, is really not fully explain on this article from Touch Arcade but I guess more information will be released soon, I hope so!



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