Steamboy coming soon!

Steamboy 2016

Steamboy 2016

What would you say about a steam machine, but handheld? Well yes it is here, kind of, actually in 2016 that is really close, from what I read on the article it states this fall, not sure if it was a typo, since the title says 2016? I forgot to mention, for now the name for it is said to be Steamboy, I guess it kind of make sense due to the title?

So to the device, here is the current information regarding this device. The device will be running Valve’s Steam OS which is based in Debian Linux, is weird that is Linux since most of the steam catalog are made for windows and not that many for Linux but I guess that’s the way they decided to go. Besides the OS, the device will be running on a 5 inch screen 720p with 32GB on-board storage and a slot for SD card. It will also have 4GB RAM and HDMI output with configurable gamepads. This will have the good old Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and like the PS Vita it will have 4G connectivity, just not sure which providers will be supporting this device, and the price for this is just $299, pre-order is available on the launch of the Steam Machine in November 10th!

From the article this is what I read about the Graphics and stuff:

Back in June, Smach Zero said the handheld would be powered by AMD’s G-Series system-on-chip (Steppe Eagle) with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics, which should be good enough to play through SteamOS titles like BioShock Infinite, Civilization V, Half-Life 2 and many more.

Lets hope it does have a good CPU and GPU since most people will be using this as an on-the-go device, can you imagine playing Dayz, H1Z1, and other really cool titles, full actual pc games on a handheld? It was stated as well in the same article that it was said that the game will be released with about 1000 titles at launch, if that is true then lets hope those are good titles. Not sure if the Steamboy will be all that, like the PS Vita, which I’ve never played one before but I have read it has really nice or decent graphics and processing speed for a handheld, but is worth the assumption lol. What do you think of this? Is it worth it?



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