Shiny Pokemon Hunting!?

Shiny Gryarados

Shiny Gryarados

Do you know what a shiny Pokemon is? I’m sure you know, most of us know, if you don’t know what a shiny Pokemon is, let me explain. A shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon just like any other but with different color and it sparks when you use it in battle. Shiny Pokemon were introduced in Gen II, starting with a Red Gyarados. Since then the hunt for this very rare Pokemon has intrigued many people, some players spending hours, days and using different methods to obtain this so wonderful Shiny Pokemon!

I have seen and I have tried several methods to obtain a shiny Pokemon, it may sound dumb or maybe a waste of time, but having some very rare Pokemon is rewarding, how? I don’t know, I guess is the feeling that you have a cool colored Pokemon is just, I don’t know, I hope people out there don’t think I’m crazy and share this feeling with me. I am currently using the Masuda method which is the breeding of 2 foreign Pokemon, you know you have a foreign Pokemon if you see next to the level of the Pokemon and the name a black tag showing either JPN, GER and others, local ones will not show no tag. How to get foreign Pokemon? try using the wonder trade. If your goal is to get any kind of shiny Pokemon then you may be lucky and someone will trade one by accident or just wanting to get rid of it, like me I got a shiny Greninja 🙂


German Bunnelby (GER) infected with Pokerus

Wonder Trade is a great place to use if you want to start off with a random Pokemon and you already have the daycare unlocked. Just breed those 2 different Pokemon and wish for luck, because the odds are 1/8192, which means you may have to hatch that many eggs, or you can be lucky and get it in 3 eggs.Check also this other methods here, hope that helps on your hunt for shiny Pokemon.


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