Guitar Hero Live!


Guitar Hero Live!

Are you ready for the Guitar Hero come back? Ready for those friends coming over or actually playing solo in your room acting like you were playing the real guitar in Hard Mode and thinking you were the best? Well as noted on a previous article from Engadget the game will be back this October with new features and this time they are adding vocals, kind of like Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5.

This new title from the Guitar Hero franchise has new features and a new guitar. The new guitar peripheral is similar to the Rocksmith and Rock Band, this new guitar don’t have no color buttons as the old ones, instead it has 6 buttons at the top part of the guitar in 2 rows, blended in just like RB. The new features, or cosmetic changes are that the background is no longer a cartoonist crowd, now is real people that will react as you play, making it feel you are at a real concert. The fret board is now more realistic as well, and as stated above, no color code buttons on screen neither.

Guitar Hero Live new guitar

Guitar Hero Live new guitar

The game seems like a good rival for the new Rock Band 4, well see which of both games is chosen as the best game. I think it will depend on the way to play it, how the guitar or instruments are user friendly or not, the songs that will be added to each game, we know so far from my previous article which songs will be added to RB4, lets wait for an actual full detail list of both games, and of course quality of games, and ability for good quality DLC, that seems to be the main thing for newer games free DLC packs. We shall see, do you have a memory from one of this games? Let me know below!



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