Disney Infinity new Marvel Characters!

Hulkbuster and Ultron Disney Infinity 3.0

Hulkbuster and Ultron Disney Infinity 3.0

I just wrote a blog about Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions and about the roster on both games as far as titles and a few characters, well today I have some addition to the Disney Infinity lineup, The Hulkbuster and Ultron.

Both characters have their own abilities and techniques, Ultron has the ability to fly and attack from a long range, he will be fully upgrade-able. As other characters he will have his own melee attacks, finishing and special moves.

On the other hand, The Hulkbuster he has the on foot combat, flying technique, more like mid flying level as you can see on the video below, he can also jump and land an attack to the floor somewhat like Hulk smashing the floor. He also has special moves like Ultron, some of the special power I noticed were the missiles coming from his back and the blue energy orb around him to destroy enemies. And just like Ultron, you can upgrade him as well.



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