Pokemon Update For Camp Pokemon App On App Store And Pokemon TV On Chromecast

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My Nintendo News

The Pokémon Company International is rolling out new digital content this summer. It all starts with a huge update for the Camp Pokémon app, available exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices (running iOS 7 or later). There is also a brand-new way to follow Ash and Pikachu on their adventures through the Pokémon TV app, via Chromecast.

The Camp Pokemon app update has several new activities and attractions for new visitors and returning fans alike. Campers can step into the Pokémon Theater to watch a selection of videos at their leisure. Fans can test their memory with the Pokémon TCG Match activity, which has three challenging levels: matching pairs of cards, matching cards by Energy type, and matching cards by Evolution chain. Fans can also earn Energy symbol pins for their Pin Book and stickers to personalize the photos they take in the Photo Booth.

The Pokémon TV…

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