New external HDD for Xbox One

Xbox One 2TB HDD from Seagate

Xbox One 2TB HDD from Seagate

Is your current Xbox One full with games? Do you need more storage for future DLC or newer games? Well Microsoft has a solution for you, use their 2TB external HDD for that extra space you need. Seagate has created this external only HDD made exclusively for Xbox One owners, the 2TB HDD hs green with the Xbox Logo on the front side. The price for this HDD is $110, not bad uh? Well kind of, because the Xbox One is compatible with several external HDD and you dont have to just get this one for that much. I did a small quick research and I found a Western Digital 4TB for $150, twice the space for only $40 more dollars, now that sounds much better. Before you get a new HDD do some research, yes I know some of us are picky and would like matching colors for our consoles or we only like specific brands, but with some good research you can save yourself some money on a better HDD.



2 thoughts on “New external HDD for Xbox One

  1. Interesting. I have a 1TB Seagate external attached to my Xbox One right now, but it’s actually pretty close to filling up as well (I have about 200GB of total free space left). It might not be the most cost effective drive, but I kind of like the Xbox branding of it. I might end up picking one up!

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    • I’m still deciding, I do like the Xbox branding like you said, but if I can save me a few dollars and get more space then why not? But I’m not sure yet that green HDD is calling my name lol


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