Lego Dimensions.. add-ons!

Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters!

Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters!

We have heard of the Lego Dimensions game for at least a couple of months now, and well at least I have and I have seens several of the lineup that will make it to the game, which some of them include Back to The Future, NinjaGo , DC Heroes, Simpsons and the most recent added title, Ghostbusters!

It seems Lego is trying to compete with the current Disney Infinity, which now Disney on phase 3, adding more and more characters to their lineup. The concept of both games is to be able to collect toys, (figurines or action figures however you call them) and use the special peripheral to place the toy on top of it and have the character on the video game. Is a pretty cool concept, I just dont see myself buying every single character that i like to be able to play with it, and trust me I love a bunch of characters lol.

A new addition to the game is the Open World set up, much like Minecraft and Lego Worlds, the game will be available on September 2015, so close to a month. And as mentioned above, the newest add-on is the Blockbuster blocks, I bet this will be fun. Lets see how many themes Lego can get since so far Disney Infinity has the Marvel characters and with the release of their newest movies, many adults and kids like to have the Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. What do you think of this game? Have you played Disney Infinity? Do you think Lego Dimensions will be a rival to Disney Infinity? Leave a comment below.



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