Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: Revolution

Homefront: Revolution

Are you ready for the Revolution? Well lets get this started. Homefront: The Revolution is the sequel from previous title Homefront, a game set in the year 2027 in North America that has been invaded by the Great Korean Republic. The sequel is set 2 years after that in the year 2029, where US is fighting their way to recover all the cities of the United States that are still under GKR army.

The first game came out in March 15, 2011, the game is developed by Kaos Studios and published by THQ, and was set in the US, invaded by the GKR Army and several US citizens fighting for their freedom. The game was ok, I liked the fight scenes, how many civilians had to gear up and fight their way out of their neighborhood to fight with the resistance in order to keep control of their city. From reviews read previously, this first game was received with ok reviews, I somewhat liked it but as they said, the campaign was a bit short and at some points the dialog felt weird.

The sequel, which is the game I want to talk about Homefront: The Revolution now developed by Deep Silver and is the continuance of the previous title. This new title is mainly focus on the fight in the New Philadelphia, where the resistance is fighting back to keep the control over the city since the GKR Army has lost control over Hawaii, Alaska and San Francisco. The game is to be release on 2016, no specific date, so lets wait and see what this game has for us.



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