Attack on Titan movie a big hit in Japan!

The giants have invaded Japan with the big hit movie Attack on Titan and from the article in Forbes we can see the movie was a success. Have you heard of Attack on Titan? This was actually originally released on in Manga by Hajime Isayama in which giants, titans and colossus have taken over the world and attack the last of the human survivors. Another note from the article was said that the original plot from the Manga was changed on the movie in order to make sense, I have not seen the whole anime so I’m not sure what the origin of the titans are.

The anime is pretty good so far, from what I’ve seen the few humans left on earth have lived in a closed city, by closed I mean huge walls around the city just like in old medieval times, to stay safe from Titans, which are basically giant humans but no feelings and no emotions, all they do is eat humans. In the anime the plot got twisted when the main character lost his mom and then he went crazy and well you should watch it if you haven’t, is worth it. Netflix has the 25 episodes but only a couple are dubbed in English, the rest of them are subs.

The movie will be coming to North America in the late Fall, and in Japan they will be having a second movie around September. I really cant speak for the movie, not sure how much technology or how good the CGI is, I mean to create a titan, or a colossus is pretty hard I would think. Some people have liked the movie others not so much but for a $4.8 millions on earnings and 476 000 tickets sold on the first weekend is not bad for an anime. Lets wait and see what we think when it gets released in North America, but in the mean time check the anime, is worth watching.


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