This War of Mine.. out now on mobile devices!!!

This War of Mine goes Mobile!

This War of Mine goes Mobile!

If you are a Steam user and have searched their game library you came across this game, This War of Mine. This game developed by 11 bit studios is pretty cool, I have seen videos on YouTube with game-play and strategies to get better at the game and I can say this is kind of like a strategy-survival game.

The original games was released for PC on November 14, 2014 with limited actions and the game would end at an specific day, I believe it was like day 3 or 7, that was as far as you could survive since the game wasn’t fully developed. But now the game is coming to Android and iOS!! The game is simple but requires you to plan, all you need to do is survive. You have a group of people trying to survive during a war in their city, each time you play from what I read on the site is that each time you start you get a set of random survivors, depending on the season you could get 2, 3 or few more.

As you start the game and get the group of survivors you need to start planning, each survivor has its own traits, from scavenger, handyman and runner among others. During the days you can go and scavenge but the chances of snipers seeing you and killing you are big since is broad light, best way to scavenge is during the night, while one scavenges you leave others to do tasks or sleep. Remember to plan ahead, some survivors have left space to carry stuff and others are good are crafting, you will need medicine and craft equipment to create alcohol, food and other stuff.

Each survivor counts, so be sure to keep them alive, heals wounds, trade with people that knock on your door, but be sure they are not bad people or else you will suffer the loss of survivors. So give it a shot, the game is currently on Steam for $19.99 click here to buy it, on Android Tablets only, I guess is due to the fact that on small screens it would be a lot harder to play, and also is out on iOS iPads, I try searching for it on iPhone and nothing came up, so it seems only tablets for both OS. Try it and let me know what you think!


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