Star Wars Battlefront New Game Mode Announced!

Star Wars Battlefront new Mode

Star Wars Battlefront new Mode

To all the Star Wars fans, we have more news regarding Star Wars Battlefront, a new game mode that will be added to the game. Most of us have played fps games and have played depending on the title the Team Deathmatch, capture the flag and so on. Well this game will be adding a sort of Team Deathmatch, is basically the same concept they just decided to name it Blast Mode.

Blast Mode is as stated above the Deathmatch of Star Wars Battlefront, in which you need to reach 100 deaths or lead the way by the end of the 10 minutes time limit. Each team is made out of 10 players, to mee it seems a bit small, I mean if you have played Battlefield 4 you and do up to 64 players, but then again the maps are huge.

As stated by DICE“Immediate, addictive, and exciting until the very last kill; that is our ambition with Blast.” It was noted that there will be some really nice locations in which you will be fighting. “One battle you’ll be fighting within interior levels on Endor or Sullust. In the next battle, you might find yourselves among Tatooine’s dusty canyons, or inside the undeniably cool Ice Caves on Hoth. My favorite is the verticality of Tatooine, fighting by the Sandcrawler,” Brännvall said. From the statement above I can see the levels will be great, I still wonder how the campaign mode will be.

If you like more info on the game, keep an eye on GamesCom since EA will be having a conference this year, maybe more and better information about the game and possibly more Alpha testing? So get ready because the game is coming to our living rooms November 17th to PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Source by Examiner


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