No new Pokemon game this year?


We are getting closer to the end of the year, well not really but somewhat yes. We are in July and have not heard any rumors on a new Pokemon games, well we have the Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World, but those are not full games as we are used to like Pokemon Black 1 and 2, or X and Y, so those don’t count as a core Pokemon game.

I think Pokemon games were coming out too quick to keep up with them, at least for me since I take my time playing the game, looking for new Pokemon and specific kinds to make the best team, plus leveling up my team can take some time, depending on the Pokemon, and more to get them where you want. I just recently started tweaking with Pokerus and all the stats we level up in the gym training that started for me on X-Y.

Back to the game, I hope GameFreak has some game under their sleeve and surprise us in the upcoming months. What am I expecting from the new game if a new game comes out? New Pokemon? Well there are already 720 Pokemon available, I mean I struggle getting 100, now imagine if they add 150 more? If no game comes up til next year it wouldn’t be the first time there is a small gap between games, Pokemon Black and Black 2 had a year some months in between.Let see what happens, we have until June next year to see if a new game comes out or not.



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