Resident Evil 2.. Remake? (UPDATE)

Resident Evil 2 Reborn Coming Soon!

Resident Evil 2 Reborn Coming Soon!

(UPDATE): So it looks like Capcom seems interested on the development from InvaderGames on Resident Evil 2 Reborn, that is really good news for all RE fans. Let keeps our fingers crossed and hope this game come live. Check this article here from Polygon which also includes an image that may mean this game has the green light to go on!

Capcom wants us fans to give them our best honest opinion on a RE2 remake due to a fan-made recreation of the game, a really cool remake of RE2 using the Unreal Engine 4 in my opinion makes the game look really cool! The current developers InvaderGames are the ones working on the title hoping to release it for free later this summer if no push back from Capcom.

We have seen several RE games remakes, some good others not so good. The best in my opinion is Resident Evil the original title coming from PS One to GameCube and now to HD on PC, another one with great jump in graphics was RE:Zero, coming from N64 to GameCube, that was a big improvement in graphics and much detail, at least it was back in the day when GameCube was among the Next Generation consoles. They have remade RE4 but there was not major updates since the game was already in good shape from the GameCube, just added the HD resolution to it. Also if I’m not mistaken RE: Code Veronica had the original version for Dreamcast and then released the X version for PS2 and other consoles as well.

After watching the video you can see that they still keep some of the old nostalgic sound and looks from some zombies, the zombie moaning brings back memories from PS2. I like the addition of new people or zombies, unlike the original all we saw is like 3 or 4 zombies just with different color clothes.There were some parts that were really dark to see and the only thing helping you was the flashlight on your gun, then there were the parts super bright. The detail on the game is awesome, you can see Leon got some movements from RE4. I cant wait for this game to come out, lets hope Capcom does allow this game tobe publish since is going to be free there will be no money in between to stop them, but who knows, lets wait and see what InvaderGames can do.


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