Mini Dayz!

Mini Dayz

Mini Dayz

Do you know what Mini Dayz is about? Have you played Dayz? Well this game is a 2D version of the original Dayz, but as stated in 2D and as an old school pixel game. This game has been out for a few months already and it has been so far so good. The reception from what I have read is been really good, the game has received several updates in the past few months that make the game much better.

The game play is the same as the original game, survive and collect stuff, guns, food and random stuff, but in 2D. Just like the original game, you need to craft items, loot homes and vehicles in order to survive and collect more loot to create better weapons, zombies are part of the mix and unlike Dayz I see the zombies are a bit more responsive but easier to hide from them. The only thing is that the game can only be played online on a browser.

I have seen several people play and it looks really good, with the addition of multiplayer I’m sure it will be much better, just keep an eye for bandits. Been able to drive vehicles and use some of the cool weapons adds to the intensity of this game. I’m sure some of you have already played it, let me know what you think, and if you haven’t then don’t wait around and give it a try, just create a profile on the Bohemia site (currently down as of 7/29/15) and see how you like it, is FREE to play!


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