Angry Birds 2 is out today!!!

Wait for it!! Are you ready? Well if you needed another Angry Birds game here it is, but this time is the sequel from the original Angry Birds game, Angry Birds 2 hits the store from Android and iOS today 7/30/15.This is the 13th Angry Bird game released by Rovio since the original Angry Birds came out,these little birds have done pretty much everything, from Transformers, Star Wars, in Space and others, you would think there was not going to be a direct sequel, but we were wrong.

The new game is basically the same thing as previous titles with just a few new features, you still have to destroy the bad piggies and rescue your eggs. The new features added are new powers or spells, you can also acquire new birds by filling out the destruct-o-meter. On this new game you will be able to pick the birds that you want to use on each mission, which if you are a good strategist you will be able to beat the game faster and easier. Other new features is the multi-stage levels having multiple stages to pass before actually passing the whole level, and the challenge mode in which you can challenge other players and level up your birds to become the best Angry Bird player. So are you ready for the new game? Try it out and let us know what you think!


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