Magic Duels, improved version of Magic The Gathering digital version!

Magic Duels

Magic Duels

Magic The Gathering has been a card game that many of us have played for years, for me at least has been a great card game that I have played for at least 3 years. I started playing Yugioh, and heard about Magic before that just didn’t have no one that would teach me to play it and YouTube was not the best back then, or at least I was pretty dumb to go online and learn on my own.

Going from actual cards to digital is a different experience, at least for me I like the physical cards and not digital, only in Hearth Stone I like the digital since there is no physical cards for it. When I played Yugioh I did enjoy the digital version only because I already had the physical card, but anyways this blog is related to Magic not other card games so lets focus.

There have been other Magic games on PC, PS3 and other consoles but many of us users don’t like it due to not been able to create your own deck and having to play with pre-made decks. Well the new game Magic Duels will allow you to build your own personalize deck, buy cards and from them build your deck. Another new feature is the ability to play against friends and strangers online. You can watch the full article here from VentureBeat.

Check out the Magic Duels site here, this game seems really cool and I’m glad Wizard¬†realized that they can make the game better to play online, I have played older versions of Magic and honestly have not been the best, I know all games have small issues and glitches but I tried to play Magic 2015 on Android and iOS and the game never loaded. If you like to play it now and have an iPhone or iPad check it out and let me know what you think, not sure if it will be out on Android or if it ever will but Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam will be coming out soon


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