Fallout Shelter coming Aug. 13 for Android

Fallout Shelter coming to Android Aug 13

Fallout Shelter coming to Android Aug 13

Are you ready for Fallout 4? Well you will have to wait until November 10th for the game to come out, but that doesn’t mean you cant have fun, because Bethesda has announced previously will be releasing a mobile version, which is not Fallout 4 full version but is mini game that you can enjoy in the meantime, and the game is Fallout Shelter, the game is already on iOS for those who want to download it go to your App Store, meanwhile Android will have to wait until Aug 13th, check out the Polygon Article here.

The game is basic and simple, well not really, you have to plan ahead in order succeed. The game strategy is to build a vault and survive, is not as easy as it sounds, but basically that’s the main concept. IN order to survive you will need to as stated create a vault, add new rooms as your population increases, but also you need to keep an eye on water, power and of course food. As more citizens occupy your vault they will start leveling up if you can say it that way, their starts will increase and make them more efficient on the work they are assigned to.

Another thing that can be done, is to send your people to the wasteland, equipped of course, in order for them to hopefully come back with good loot. The loot can be new tools, new gear and other great stuff that can be used in the game, but from what I read in the Game Informer Article the best loot cannot be used right away, the best loot is for when your population grows and you have more rooms. It seems like a good game, I know is already out for iOS, so if any of you have played it and like it, let me know and leave a comment below!


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