Minecraft PE update 0.12 coming soon!

Minecraft PE update 0.12 coming soon!

Minecraft PE update 0.12 coming soon!

Minecraft PE is getting the awaited update soon, it was supposed to be updated tomorrow July 29th, but due to some technical difficulties it was pushed until August, check the Minecraft PE News Twitter page for up to date news!

From the wiki page I was able to get some information, the update has a name which is called The Nether Update, yes this is due to having access to The Nether, finally The Nether is coming to my Android!! So again, from the wiki site I read that the updates to the game are as follow: 

-hunger bar

-The Nether

-Controller Support


Enchantment Table

-Iron/Snow Golems

-Food will affect hunger bar not health

These are a few among others, to check the full list check the wiki here. Is really cool that the MPE is getting the almost full experience from the PC, adding new blocks and other enhancements such as hunger will make the game a bit more challenging, I know when the game was first release on mobiles it was more like a creative mode, in which you could basically build whatever you wanted and no way to die. This is great news for us that like to play on the Go, either on a road trip or just for a quick break at work. So are you ready and happy for this update? Leave a comment below!


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