PS4 mouse and keyboard!


Do you like playing fps games with a controller or a mouse and keyboard? I started playing shooting games with a controller and I could not get use to the keyboard, I mean it was too many keys to use and press when playing that it seemed so annoying and frustrating. But in recent times, I have seen adapters and new peripherals for new generation consoles that allow you to connect keyboard and mouse, but is it the same?

Since I started playing more PC and got into games more and more, I can say I would not go back to console fps games only if needed. I do have few games on console that are FPS, but I only play them on campaign mode, not on multiplayer. Well for those that like to play console games and like to have the keyboard and mouse that pc gamers have, Hori will be launching a small keyboard and mouse, but only for PS4. The peripheral has some already mapped buttons and some others that can be programmed. The price for pre-order in the UK and Japan is around $120-$130 USD, not bad as long as it works and does what its made for. I personally like my keyboard and my Logitech mouse, with programmable buttons šŸ˜‰ but I wouldn’t mind a smaller keyboard. Are you going to get this? Check out the Engadget article here and leave a comment!


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