Zombie Playground

Zombie Playground Polygon

Zombie Playground Polygon

Ready for another zombie game? Well Massive Black has finally announced that they will be releasing their long awaited game to the public in the form of early-access in Steam Store. For those who don’t know who Massive Black is, I did a bit of research and is an American company that has provided concept art, design and animations for several well known games in the gaming industry such as Forza, Fallout: New Vegas, League of Legends and others to name a few.

Zombie Playground is a game that was in kickstarters for some time and only the backers were able to play the game, the game was actually released for the backers in 2012 with plans to be released in 2013, well now this game will be on Steam starting July 28 for everyone as stated above as an early-release game.

From what I saw on the video from the Polygon article, the game shows a kid or teen fighting teen/kid zombies in a school. The game supports melee weapons and some class powers, from the image below and the wiki I can say that the classes so far are bookworm, tank, gunslinger, bully and others, each class having their own special ability. If you see the image above we can see a girl and some XP on the top right side and a dog on the bottom left side, can this a partner?

Zombie Playground Classes

Zombie Playground Classes

The video below shows a small preview from the game, and well from what I saw the game seems ok, I haven’t played it but I can see the game getting a bit repetitive. If the game is all based on the school as the main stage I can see the game getting boring pretty quick. I will have to wait until July 28th to be able to play it and then I can actually give my actual opinion from it. In the mean time check the video below and let me know what you think.


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