QuakeCon Dallas 2015… Doom

Doom Alpha Testing Multiplayer in QuakeCon

Doom Alpha Testing Multiplayer in QuakeCon

Another year has passed and QuakeCon is back to Dallas, Texas, this year like others with new games and news from games in development. What has been talked a lot is the upcoming Doom game that many of us played back in the old school consoles and now is coming with better graphics! But before we talk about it more in details, if you are thinking on attending QuakeCon which runs from July 23rd to the 26th, I have some news for you, according to the QuakeCon website, Lyft is giving you a free ride if you download the app and use the code QUAKECON, hey is always good to get a free ride, the problem now is finding a ride back home lol.

Do you remember playing Doom back in the day? I remember it and thought it was kind of creepy and weird, but then I grew up and started liking it more. honestly I didn’t play it that much but when i got to play it it was cool. Now we are in the Next Generation console era, the one with 1080p and max HD resolutions that make games look a lot cooler! Well back to Doom, it was announced yesterday on QuakeCon first day that the attendees will be allowed to play the first multiplayer mode of the game and for those not attending the event will be able to play it if they are part of the beta tester pool, how can you be in that pool? Well you needed to pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order, the pre-order came with a key that can be used to redeem it on the Wolfenstein website.

The alpha testing game will be allowed on player with PS4, Xbox One and PC. For all the other people that are not at the event or are not part of the beta pool all we can do is wait until the game is release in 2016. Check the full article on GameSpot website.


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