Dying Light, Dev Teasing info! (UPDATE)

Dying Light GameSpot

Dying Light GameSpot

UPDATE: There is new information regarding this new update to the game, Dying Light; The Following, click here to read the Polygon article to read more about this news.

Are you still playing Dying Light? Well it’s been what, almost 6 months since it came out, no wonder the article from GameSpot shows a youtube video with the title 180 days of content. Well the game came out on January 25, 2015, and since the release I have played it a lot, but lately I stopped playing it since I found it a bit boring due to having to do the same thing over and over. I checked some website for some mods but found very few and the ones I found were just small tweaks like removal of HUD and small cosmetic enhances.

Playing this game was just like playing Dead Island, same concept, same weapon mechanics to build them and use them against zombies with the same blueprint mechanics. From older articles I read online it was supposed to be kind of like a sequel from Dead Island but they decided to make a newer better game, but in my opinion the only different is the location and the ability to parkour. I think the addition to parkour was really good, it gives the game a different feel.

What developers are doing now is adding new tools, new weapons, blueprints, new outfits for the character, new zombies evolutions if it can be called that way and what believes to be a new location with a dune buggie. From the video shown in the article we can see there will be newer DLC beside from the one released on May 26th The Bozak Horde, we can see a few paid premium content, but most of them will be free for all users. Do you think this will bring old user to play the game again? Check out the video below and leave a comment, Good night, Good Luck!


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