Megaman Collection!

Mega Man Collection Digital Eclipse Project

Mega Man Collection Digital Eclipse Project

Mega Man, I still remember trying to beat all the enemies, starting from the easiest one and moving my way up, I know each enemy had their own weakness, by that i mean I would need to beat the fire one to beat the plant one and so on. I always tried to buy magazines and read articles or cheats on who to pick or who to beat first in order to beat them all. I don’t remember ever beating a whole Mega Man game, and that is sad 😦 lol

I remember playing the old Mega Man and then evolving into what we know now, from Mega Man X and other ones that came out on PS2. I was reading this article from IGN which tell us what has been done to the game in order to release this new collection. What Capcom did was work together with a company Digital Eclipse that will help them move the original NES games and other consoles into a new generation system without losing the resolution, in fact the resolution that you can play these games is at a 1080p quality. Per the IGN article “You can play through using crisp sprites in 1080p, or switch over to a filter that replicates what it was like to play the games on a fat CRT back in the ‘80s. Hopping back and forth between the two was a bit mind-bending in a really great way”.

Now lets hope that Digital Eclipse can look into other games and of course the original developers allow them to emulate and game with better graphics, is always good to keep old school games around for younger generations, I’m sure someone will appreciate the great art work done on those years to keep us playing!


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