The Walking Dead Season 6!!

The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6

WoW!!! What a preview, all I can say is that I’m ready for this new season, and I hope is one of the best seasons yet! Are you a The Walking Dead Fan? Some people don’t like the show because of the zombies, but as I stated before, I’m a huge horror, zombie game, movies and TV show fan that I have not missed a single episode from The Walking Dead. This year at Comic-Con the 6th season of The Walking Dead showed the preview, check this article from Polygon.

As many Walking Dead fans, we know the comic is way ahead of the TV show, but is it the same? Is it better or worse? In my honest opinion I like the show better because of the effects and well I just like the show better. Last season ended with Morgan and Rick finding each other again since Season 3 when Rick, Michonne and Carl found him in a building and Rick found out that Morgan’s kid turned. From here the show continued with out signs of him until he started to follow signs to go to terminus and found the map that was given to Rick talking about a safe place, from there we saw Morgan kind of tracking them down until he came across Daryl and Aaron and was taken to Alexandria where he met with Rick.

Now the new season will continue from Alexandria new leadership, we know Rick will take over since the current Leader is in no shape to do it, but is Rick mentally capable? We see in the preview that Rick starts to get a bit crazy, I understand he cares about the people and that he feels they are not ready since they basically grew up enclosed and not in the wild like they did, but I feel he is going the wrong direction.Seems like the leadership will be jeopardized and Rick may lose it. Then we see Daryl captured and at gun point? Man this season will be great, I can already feel it, what sucks is that it will come on until October 11th!!! But good news is the other walking dead show, Fear The Walking Dead!!! Zombie madness here I come!!


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