New Category, Movies/TV shows maybe?

I usually don’t write about movies or TV shows, I’m more into video games but there are a few movies coming out soon, as soon as next year and some TV shows that are currently on or that a new season will be coming on soon that I will like to talk about them. What are your favorite shows? Favorite movies or a movie gender of your preference? As gamers, geeks, nerds or whatever people like to call us, we all have a favorite kind of movies, for me is Horror, Action, and then the rest of the other movies.

In recent years we have seen Marvel coming up with great movies, at least in my opinion, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers and most of the upcoming ones for the next few years. We have seen how Marvel has given us some nice movies, but DC has stayed a bit behind, if I’m not mistaken they have just released mainly Batman and Superman, oh and Green Lantern, but there are many more DC Super Heroes out there, I hope they catch up because from what I heard the new DC movies coming up will be great. What do you think?


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