Lego Avengers New Characters Revealed!

Lego Marvel Avengers

Lego Marvel Avengers

Are you waiting for another Lego game to come out? To be specific Lego Marvel Avengers? Well I can say yes I’m so happy for this game to come out soon! No dates yet on when the game will come out but since E3 we have seen a playthrough in which we see several characters like Thor,Captain America and others playing the destroyed city from what it looks like the attacks that happened in the first movie.

From several articles I read before, it was said that this game would have both Avenger movies included, Marvel Avengers and Age of Ultron, and after reading this article from GameSpot it was confirmed that both movies will be included on this one game. Some people have already asked if the new game will have different gameplay from the current Lego Marvel Super Heroes and better newer characters since the current game pretty much has all the current Lego characters from Marvel Universe, it will be a waste to buy this game if the same characters are on both games, perhaps more characters from other Marvel comics?

In more recent news, there are new characters that have been announced to the upcoming game, even though there are only 6 of them, including Iron Stan (a mix of Stan Lee and Iron Man), Crossbone and America Chavez this may give those Lego fans night hopes to see newer and better characters. Are you ready for this game? Are you waiting for a new better game from Lego to come out? I can say that I’m waiting to see a Marvel Civil War, but only if it actually is as the comics, lets hope to see that game coming soon since the movie is close to release date!! Check out IGN Gameplay from Lego Avengers, enjoy!!


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