The Walking Dead Michonne


During the E3 this year, another game that was announced is the Michonne Walking Dead game by Telltale. The game as noticed by the title, will be based on the Michonne’s story. This game will be just like the previous Telltale games, which is to make your own decision every step of the way to create your own gaming experience.

From the Telltale blog the game will be based on the comic episodes between 126 and 139, which is when Michonne leaves and comes back to the group. I think they will explain a bit what of what happened to her while she was gone. In my opinion this game should be based on how Michonne became who she is now, how she got to be the strong person she is now. It would have been a lot better to see her story, how she got the 2 zombies from when we met her and all that stuff.

The good thing is that the game will be released on most platforms, PC, MAC, Xbox One/360, PS4/3, iOS and Android, I currently have Season 1 on Android and I’m not disappointed. As stated on the blog,you must have the 1st episode from Season 2 in order to be able to play her mini-series. One thing I think should be better is the number of episodes, this mini-series will have 3 episodes, unlike Season 1 which has 5 episodes and a bonus one “400 Days”.

Will I get it? Not sure, I do like The Walking Dead games but this one I’m not too sure, if the episodes are the same price, let’s say $4.99 for the 3 of them, then maybe. Let see when it comes out this fall and watch the reviews to see if its worth buying it.


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