Resident Evil 0 from N64 to Now!

RE 0 Screen Rant Article

RE 0 Screen Rant Article

I remember playing the first Resident Evil in Play Station, yes the original huge rectangle console, oh those were the good days, not really, today’s game quality are the best but you cant beat the nostalgia when you see an old game you used to play back in the day turned into a Remastered HD edition, in this case Resident Evil 0.

I can say I am a Resident Evil fan, i have most of the RE games, from PS One, PS2, PS3, Game Cube and N64. I recently, by recently I mean when RE 6 came out, I got the collectors edition, which has RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE 5 and RE6, I can say that is the best collection I have. When I heard news about Capcom possibly releasing RE 0 in HD remastered like the first game I was happy.

I remember playing the first RE 0 on game cube, then I found out the game had been released on N64 way before it made it to game cube, I was interested on seeing how it looked so I started the research, that was back around 2010, even though the game came out on 2002. I find out old images showing the game and I can say the game changed a lot, even though the Game Cub graphics were not the best, compared to N64 they were HD to my eyes.

So I just read an article from Polygon and the game will be released on new consoles PS3/4, Xbox One/360, and PC, but the game will only be released until next year, guess we will need to wait that long for it to come out. In the mean time check out the video below, showing the evolution from N64 to the newer consoles to be release soon. Enjoy!!


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