Dragon Quest look like minecraft (UPDATE)

Dragon Quest Builder Engadget Article

Dragon Quest Builder Engadget Article

So a new Dragon Quest game is coming up, but unlike other titles this one is a builder kind of game, just like Minecraft. There is not much information out just yet about the game but there are images that do kind of resemble Minecraft. From the image above obtained from Engadget we can see the block shaped environment, grass, mountains and a small destroyed building. We can see that the character and a few ‘mobs” or monsters along with trees are not shaped like squares like in Minecraft, they seem just like any other normal 3D image. Just a few details about the game is that it will be a builder game in a sandbox style so again just like Minecraft, but with Dragon Quest gameplay style. No release date has been announced just that it will be released for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

UPDATE! Here I have new information regarding the Dragon Quest Builder, still no release date but it seems the game will be a lot better than Minecraft from what the article states on Forbes site. From the images at the bottom of the article we can see it has better graphics nice GUI/HUD similar to other Dragon Quest games but with the mix of Minecraft! Enjoy this update!


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