New Walking Dead game coming up, in 8-bit pixels!

The Escapist The Walking Dead IGN Article

The Escapist The Walking Dead IGN Article

The Walking Dead has done it again, a new game is coming up soon ( I hope very soon) but this time they have shifted into a different kind of graphics, this time they decided for a pixel kind of game, yup kind of like old school games. The new game is titles The Escapist The Walking Dead, in which you take the roll of Rick Grimes at least that’s what I have found after a bit of research online. The game is developed by Team 17, they currently have already a “The Escapist” game but that game is based on prisoners trying to escape prison of course, The Walking Dead version just adds zombies and all the good Walking Dead stuff that we like.

From my reading done in the IGN article, the game will end up as a open sand-box game, meaning you can move around the whole world and use many of the items in the game, you wont be limited to a certain area at least that’s what I think, or hope for. Other features of the game will be crafting, which I noticed that a lot of new games now are using crafting on them, in order to escape some places you will need to craft items to help you move, open or break stuff. The game will have a good variety of guns such as pistols, shotguns and revolvers.

During the game you will spend most of the time in prison or places to keep other survivors safe, they will help you if you help them, try to keep them safe since this will up their morale, making it easier to survive. When been attacked by zombies you will be able to use melee attacks and guns but remember, noise attracts walkers. On the game you will be able to use the noise in your advantage, creating distractions and traps to make the walkers move away from you or to a location to keep them trapped.

Sounds awesome!! My kind of game, is you like to read the full article check it out here it has more details and a video that will show you bits and pieces of the gameplay. There is also a short video with a review from the IGN people here. Are you excited for this game? I am, lets hope the game is as good as the show. In the mean time leave a comment below and watch out for them walkers!!


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