Mine-Con News!

Mine-Con 2015 London

Mine-Con 2015 London

Well the Mine-Con London 2015 came and went so fast! But what it left was so many great news for all Minecraft fans that is really hard where to start from. So lets get started and share some of the good information.

This morning I woke up lurking online for that good information in regard of Mine-Con 2015, and well I got some good information from IGN. I will try to describe some of the information gathered from them but will also leave you all a link to read the full article in case you want to check that out, if so click here.

First lets talk about The End, we all know that after defeating the Ender Dragon we achieve The End part of the game, well this part will receive a make-over, The End wont be just one island, it will be several island in which you can travel to by creating the End Gateway, information regarding the materials to create were not informed so lets wait until it is actually done.

The Ender Dragon, this creature will also receive a make-over, well not really as much as a make-over but the “fight” will now be a fight. I have fought the Ender Dragon on creative mode, and well i know is kind of cheating but is not as hard as I thought, yes I know i cheated but still. I guess the hardest part is to collect all the required materials to make it there? Anyways the dragon will be much harder to kill and it will actually fight back much better against your Steve, or whatever you are called.

When you play Minecraft do you ever wish you could use a sword and a shield? or perhaps a torch and a pickax when digging just to keep some light and actually see whats in front of you instead of putting torches up all the time? Well you are very welcome because dual wielding will be coming to Minecraft! This part i find it really exciting, like I mentioned holding a pickax and a torch can help a lot, but there can be many other variations that can come on handy, like a shovel and block of dirt just for those times that you need to block a place due to some moves attacking you, I believe this will help a lot of us! Want more? Well here comes the time for Enchanted Arrows, doesn’t that sound cool? Spectral Arrows apparently will light up the character and make it hard to hide from other players.

New mob? New plant? Yes please, I mean there are a lot new mob and plants on Mods but is nice to see new ones on the plain and simple Minecraft edition and no need of Mods. Well a new mob called “shulker” and a new tree “chorus tree” apparently the tree will have fruit and allow you to create some new block. The shulker is a new mob that will blend-in in the environment and once open it will chase you very fast, if you thought sneaking creepers were bad lets wait until we see this one.

And finally the part I liked the most, Minecraft Pocket Edition. Pocket Edition will have red stone finally!! Many of us like to play Minecraft On-The-Go, either because we play on work breaks, at school and on road-trips, whatever the case may be this is a great addition to the game. And for those Windows 10 mobile users, there is a game on the works, but is a beta only and will lack some of the other features that we Android, iOS currently have. Also check VB website for other information regarding the Mine-Con 2015 by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “Mine-Con News!

  1. people have killed enderdragons with nothing but a few blocks and beds, because beds make a huge explosion when you try to sleep in the in the end.


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