Minecraft: Story Mode Announced!!


It finally has been announced that the game will be released this year 2015 for Xbox consoles, PS3, PS4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android!! I have heard about this game a few months ago but nothing was confirmed, it was just rumors and no actual information was released, well yes DUH! It was because they wanted to wait and release all the info at once.

The game will be bases just like the other Telltale Games,  The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and others. That said, you will have to make choices just like the games named above. The story will be based on your decisions in which you will do or not do something shaping the rest of the game. This mode works fine for some games but not sure if it will work for Minecraft. I have played The Walking Dead, and I think is pretty cool, I make my own decisions, if to help or not other characters, or which path I need to take. Each decision we make on the game will allow us to have a different experience, and this may be good because it will give each player a different game experience and not the same story for each player.

From what I gathered in the Mojang site, the game will be released as stated in 2015, so later this year, (no exact date). The game will not be based on Steve, from the video shown, it seems like you will play as a random Minecraft character and start the Minecraft Adventure. The game will be released on episodes just like other games, that may be a bad part since some games take a few months for a new season or set of new episodes to be released, lets hope the Minecraft experience and building side doesn’t go away. But we will see, in the mean time check the video below and let me know what you think!


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