New horror game could be successor of P.T

Allison Road GameSpot

Allison Road GameSpot

Remember the P.T from a supposed to be new Silent Hills release a few months ago? Well we all know that game was cancelled, what a shame because it looked like it was going to be a really good game. I like horror movies and horror games, and this game was going to be a great horror game. It was suppose to be the ninth game on the Silent Hill series. The game was going to be produced by Kojima Productions, (you may be familiar with the Metal Gear series) with collaboration of Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus , yes the Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

Well the game as stated above, supposed to be a new title to the Silent Hill series, the difference is that is not on 3rd person perspective, its based on 1st person perspective, and you are not outside killing random weird mosters during a misty dark night (yeah right). The character walks around a house that has supernatural occurrences, in other words a haunted house. The game was able to be downloaded on PlayStation Store for a few days until it was removed. Here is the old walk-through if you like to see that game.

The new game, which is the reason of this blog, is now named Allison Road, which it suppose to be a successor to the game mentioned above. Well kind of a successor since is developed by fans and other game developers, not from Kojima Productions. In this game the character wakes up in a house not knowing what happened, the house supposed to be haunted, the player supposed to solved the mystery within 5 days before 3am, otherwise is game over!

The game looks ok, but the previous or original video was much better since it had scary parts in which a ghost appeared in front of you, or at least you saw it passed by and well caused you to get scared. We will see if the game actually comes out fully developed, from the article in GameSpot the game has been Greenlit in Steam and have already launched a Kickstarted to launch the game on PC and on Oculus Rift in 2016. Lets hope the project gets well funded and see the full game next year!


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