Tamagotchi back to the U.S

Forbes Tamagotchi article!

Forbes Tamagotchi article!

Well hello 1990’s welcome back! Is been a long time, did I miss you? Sure as heck I did. Best cartoons ever, bets video games and the best toys, at least in my opinion. Well speaking of old toys, do you remember the Tamagotchi? Who wouldn’t? they were the best toy to have in the 90’s, if you didn’t have one, you don’t know what you missed, lol well not much but if you think about it now the nostalgia that brings thinking about all them old school stuff.

Tamagotchi was a small toy egg shaped, in which you needed to care for your pet. I’m not sure if what I got was the real one from Bandai but I had one. In mine I had to care for different type of pets, dinosaur and other animals. Depending  on how you cared for your pet it would evolve into something else, if you hatched the egg to soon it would be one type and so on. The fun was to keep your pet alive, feed it, bath them and cure them in case it gets sick.

Why was it so cool? I’m not sure, it was like I was the parent and had to make sure it wouldn’t die, which unfortunately mine died many times, that is because on the 90’s I was more of a go out and play outside, than a stay at home and play with the Tamagotchi. I’m sure this brings memories to many of us that had one, what do you  remember? Was it fun? and Would you get one now? I think I would just to have it as a collectible and to remind me of my 90’s days! lol Check the Forbes article here for more info or clicking the image above. Also check the retro Tamagotchi commercial below!


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