God of War 3 remastered for PS4

When I read this news I was really excited!! But then I got sad because I dont have a PS4 😦 but still those are really good news for all those God of War fans. I remember playing the first part not even when it came out, I started playing the 1st part I say about months after launched. I wasnt aware how cool this game was ( at least in my opinion) but once I played it I got hooked into this game, I think is because I like history so much, and well God of War is based in the Zeus mythological era.

God of War® III

God of War® III

Anyways back to the game, so GoW3 is been released for PS4 with at full 1080p/60fps which makes it really really cool, now I just wish this could be release on PC ti have even better graphics. According to the article I read in Gamespot, there will not be no extra content or special content for the PS4, this is just a straight port from PS3 to PS4 for those who did not get a chance to play it on PS3 and now they own a PS4.

The game is basically the same, as stated above is just a straight port but with better graphics, I was able to see a video when Kratos fights Hades and I can say the resolution is really nice, just as nice as a new game made only for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game will be released on July 14 in hard copy and digital form from the PS Network for $40, if you are a GoW fan I’m sure you will enjoy this remastered edition. Check the fight scene below Kratos vs Hades in the full 1080p and leave a comment!


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