Weekend Gaming.. Parties and Twitch!

Well what a weekend, some much to do and not enough time to play or stream. I had some family party stuff going on that I had no time to stream as much as I wanted, by the way Congrats to my cousin on his wedding!!. I did stream on Friday, I had a few hours of game play but not as much as I would have loved to, and it all started with OBS not working with me. I wanted to stream Cities: Skylines, but OBS wouldn’t work with me, it kept showing a black screen. I did some research and changed to window mode on the game, closed. re-opened about 10 times each, the game and the OBS software but that fixed nothing. I changed settings on Cities, enabled cheat protection on OBS, allowed stretch and removed stretch window option and still the same issue, black screen. After an hour I gave up, and just started streaming FTB Minecraft Infinity Mod, which was OK, I didn’t have enough time to play since I started streaming late at night so I only had a chance to expand my new home, ran into quite a bit confusing creepers ( I don’t think that’s their name) but I accomplished what I wanted, I also want to thank XA____ for the follow, I know I’m having a really slow growth but that’s fine, I enjoy just playing for the fun of it.

My channel is pretty small, but like I stated, I just like to play games for the fun, I may have 4 followers and they all may not watch me when I stream, but those followers are the ones that keep me going, just I know 4 is really a small number of people, but when you see a person following your channel, even my blog is like a cool feeling, knowing people like what I do and that is what keeps us going, so thanks to all my 4 followers XA___timechameleon7shiftmsterpro and achoa29. I look forward to growing both my blog and my Twitch Channel, come check me out  here if you get a chance and if you do I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!


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