The awaited new Dragon Ball Super is coming!

Dragon Ball Super Teaser Trailer

Dragon Ball Super Teaser Trailer

It has been 18 years since the last Dragon Ball anime came on TV. Can you believe it? 18 years, it’s seems like a lot, well it is actually a lot, but I mean, wow, I cant believe that Dragon Ball will come back on, Akira Toriyama made the best decision ever, at least for us fans. Do you remember watching the show? How old were you? Were you excited to get off school or for it to be night to watch it? I was.. I even recorded on VHS all the Dragon Ball GT series, even though it wasnt as cool as Z, but hey that’s how much of a fan I am.

Dragon Ball was the bomb! well it still is, I still watch it on my phone everyday at lunch. Thanks to Goku I got better at drawing, he was actually my first drawing I did, my first real good drawing not stick figure lol. I bought magazines, encyclopedias, coloring books, sticker collecting books and even toys, all I could find with Dragon Ball in it had to be mine. I loved to tease my cousin, because back in the day I wasn’t living where I live now, so I was able to watch the whole Z anime way before my cousin could.

Anyways, from random articles I read online, the whole new series is coming up with a new chapter that will be released in Japan on July 5th 2015, which is this weekend!! I’m so jealous of them. Well this new chapter suppose to be right after they defeated Majin Boo and took Oob on a training. Come check their wiki  to see some pictures from the upcoming new chapter. Since this will tie up with Battle of the Z and resurrection of F I’m sure Goku will be able to fight in  God mode, so well see who is the new villain and how powerful they can be, because I’m sure there will be more than one enemy.From the image above we can even see older trunks and goten! Trunks is coming back as an adult!! Will it tie up with the future trunks?

Will Vegeta reach God mode? What about the SS4? (Super Saiyan 4) Will they be able to transform into that stage? or is that reserved only to the GT series? Lots of questions I hope this new chapter gets to the U.S soon and not take years like the Z version. In the mean time I hope someone streams it online with English/Spanish subtitles. Leave your comments below!

P.S…. Is there a new Dr Slump coming soon?


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