Pokemon Shuffle Coming to iOS and Android


Pokemon Shuffle coming soon to an iPhone or Android near you!

Have you played Pokemon Shuffle on your 3Ds? 2Ds? Have you heard of this game at all? If not then good, you will know about this game now. So this game was released originally for the Nintendo 3Ds in February 18 2015, this game is a freemium kind of game, or as others know it on the playstore and appstore as an In-App Purchase game. Well I just read in Polygon that the game will be released later this year in the iOS and Android platform, many of us may be happy because our phones may last longer on a batter than our 3Ds, but then again my 3Ds XL has all my DS game in my memory card.

This is a puzzle game, similar to the candy crush kind of games, in which you have to match 3 or more of the same Pokemon in order to reduce their HP to 0 then you try to capture it just like any other Pokemon game, and like candy crush, you will run into obstacles to prevent you from capturing them cool ones. The difference in this game is that you start with one Pokemon, and grow your party as you capture new Pokemon, yes similar as the other games, well on this you have no attacks, no razors leaf, no water fall moves, all you have is a certain amount of moves per stage and special abilities, oh and you cannot evolve them. Each Pokemon has an ability that can be helpful in certain situations, like help you fill out the Mega Evolution gauge, yes there are Mega Evolution, but in order to obtain one you must defeat a kind of Gym Leader that has the Evolution stone to a respective Pokemon and you must capture that Pokemon in order to use the stone. In your party you can have up to 4 Pokemon at a time, the lead Pokemon (far left) will be the only one that can be evolved in to the Mega Evolution, so if you have 3 Mega Evolution pick wisely.

As the game progresses you unlock new stages that contain about 10 Pokemon per stage, usually one of those is a Mega Evolution. If you like Pikachu and want to evolve it to Raichu, then sorry to tell you is not possible, you will have to capture Raichu, but it can grow stronger, well kind of. After each stage you get XP among all Pokemon used, but the XP received is so small that it takes ages to level up your favorite ones. Not to mention if you like the Legendary ones, you will need to play against the clock on special “missions” which at the end if you have the strongest Pokemon and if you are lucky to get more then 1% catch rate you may be able to capture a nice Charizard. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier, is that if a stage that gives you 20 moves and you complete it in less, the rest of the moves count towards the capture rate for the Pokemon, so if charizard gives you a 1% chance plus you 10 moves you had left it may add up to a good 40%, so the less moves you use the more chance you have to catch a Pokemon.

Try to capture Charizard

Try to capture Charizard

Now as mentioned earlier, the game is like candy crush because you only have 5 hearts, which means 5 turns to  play it, on certain levels you may get a free jewel that can used in the store to buy 5 hearts and continue your game. Also within the game you get coins per level cleared and a random stage to clear nothing but coins featured by Meow, the more coins the more you can buy in the store, from more moves, Power ups, extra time for those timed stages and even more jewels. There are other “missions” to capture EX or expert level Pokemon and daily Pokemon challenge, in which on the EX Pokemon are the Final Evolution to well known Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, but as the level says it, is expert mode. As for the daily mode a new Pokemon, which can be rare at times will show up in order for you to get a chance to capture it, some may be easy others may be hard.

Well there you have it, hope this helps those that want to give it a try and dont have a 3Ds or 2Ds system, it maybe fun for some but not so much for others, I think the freemium part is what may not attract many users, but who knows, is a Pokemon game, who doesn’t like Pokemon? Check the video and like always leave you comments below!


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