Rise of Tomb Rider!

Game Informer Rise of the Tomb Raider Article

Game Informer Rise of the Tomb Raider Article

Are you ready for a new Lara Croft adventure? Yes I am! Honestly I wasn’t sure if they were going to make another of this games. Last one I played which was the most recent for new generation consoles was really good, good graphics and great scenarios but I missed the actual temple missions and stuff, but then again, that game was suppose to be how Lara started her journey to become The Tomb Raider.

The new game continues on Lara’s adventures, from what I read, Lara is now on a journey in Siberia, trying to investigate the ancient city of Kitezh. On this new game the developers have added day and night cycles in which Lara can react to them, as well as to the weather. This will have a system that has been used in several games which is crafting, Lara will be able to hunt for hide in order to make coats to protect from cold weather. Another improvement from the previous game is the combat, with newer stealth moves and sneak attacks. This game will be release in the US on November 10 2015, for Xbox One and Xbox 360 only, I hope they release it for PC or PS3 and PS4, but I doubt it since this is a game from Crystal Dynamics but published by¬†Microsoft Studios.

In the mean time check the Xbox One play through that I got from Polygon here and also check the trailer below:


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